Accoat's cook-book

A World of Taste

At Accoat we are proud to present out collection of recipes - our cook book - made across the organisation.

How we got the idea to the cook-book
Originally, in regards the idea of the recipe book, we wanted to devise a gift that would reflect our organisation. Not just our products, but the way we work, and the employees who work hard to get the job done. At Accoat, no two days are alike, and, just as we benefit from working together across departmental boundaries, so we are also enriched by a muIticultural working environment.

It’s in the canteen that these many different influences are felt, and where, at times, the smell of spices hangs heavy. These many and varied tastes spice up our daily work and create connections between our employees. Everybody knows what they like to eat, and everybody likes to share. If there’s food left over from a family party it often gets brought to the canteen so we can all have a taste.

The recepies celebrate our differences and shows that at Accoat everyone is part of the family. The collection of the different recipes has also brought us pleasure – not least the pleasure of seeing the dishes that our colleagues have contributed. At Accoat we like to address our day-to-day challenges with a positive attitude and a smile on our lips - that way everything runs smoothly.

Our favourite recipes – the ones we use again and again, and which we know will work. Food that tastes good. Food that we enjoy. Food that we know we can enjoy when we give it a try. We know these recipes won’t let us down, because we’ve tried them at home many a time! Some recipes are simple, others more complex and time consuming.

Try out our recipes
If you would like to try out our recipes you can have it posted from us to you. If so, then please do write to: and in the subject line write: 'Acccoat's cookbook'. Please also provide us with your postal adress in order for us to send you our cookbook.  

                                                                                                                                                          CEO, Niels Uhrbrand
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